Monday, October 8, 2007

d:s:o in Munich and Berlin

So, the band is back from one of the most jaw-dropping things we've endured so far. It's really kind of a social experiment to let six individuals spend a lot of time together in planes, cars, hotels and rock clubs, letting it all out. The Devil's Orchestra is tighter than ever and has the people of Munich and Berlin to thank. Especially for the fantastic view upon rock culture and live arrangements. Here's a short summary of what happened when Diablo Swing Orchestra dwelled upon Germany earlier this fall.

Not long after the plane had landed in Frankfurt am Mein, we had picked up our evil instruments and promised Budget Car Rental not to enter Italy just yet. In Munich we met up with our manager and got to know the Bayern cuisine a little better. Schnitzeln and Kn√∂deln are now causes of some sweet, sweet memories. Some of us had to try the Chili con Carne el Diablo instead, which we soon had to regret. Kids, don't try anything close to this hot without taking the chef's word for what ”el Diablo” really means. If anyone, the Devil's Orchestra should really know this though, right?

Evening came, and so did the opening and end of the Munich show. We know that someone drove really far to get there this particular evening, and I believe a 'Thank you!' is in order right here. I now truly understand why all swedish bands say that it's through out Europe, and in Germany especially, that live music serves its cause. A country of ten times as many people as in Sweden, deserves a flowering rock culture. Evidently one swedish band plays a club i Berlin every night, all year long. On the 19:th it was our turn, and we were ready. We had put 1200 german kilometers behind us, lined with very little sleep. That was soon exchanged for five wicked smiles of endorphined male devils and one enchanting, diabolical female. Berlin – we were there, and we want more.

In Berlin we also met up with our label Candlelight. We are both pleased with how the album has been received so far. The reactions from the press and the public are amazing. Hats off for everyone involved in this, the Butcher's spreading disease of ear goodies. Did any of you get hold of the limited edition sleeve case version? Did you enjoy? Of course you did.

Fellow devils. Thank you for ”listening”. See you at Blikfest on November third.


Mangraa said...

Get your butts to Los Angeles!

I can't get away to Germany anytime soon :P

Keep up the great work guys.

Anonymous said...

yeah, i second that shit. when can we expect to see DSO in the states? come to Austin, TX too please. keep up the good shit!

Anonymous said...

yeah, i second that shit. when can we expect to see DSO in the states? come to Austin, TX too please. keep up the good shit!

Jonas said...

It's nice to see you guys (and girl) had so much fun back in Germany. As a member of the Blikfest organisation I can only hope that you can have as much fun at our festival as possible. That said ... we'll probably see each other on saturday! I know I'm really looking forward to it, and a lot of Belgian fans are.

Cheerz !

Fil Razorback said...

Digipack ?
Aaaaaaaw ! I 've just bought my copy of the's a standard crystal edition with a cover far less interesting than the one on the first edition.

Too bad :P
Nice blog, I hope it will be updated often ^^
And the photos are very nice too.

Midwinter said...

Germany, Belgium, UK... are you guys afraid of Dutch food? ;) I really hope to see you here sometime in the future. Until then I'll keep playing the album, good stuff!

Mau Blogger said...

Very nice blog!

I wanna congratulate the band for the originality and creativity. The musics are great! I enjoyed since I first heard them.

I'm from Brazil. You already have some brazilian fans. When will you come here?

Emanuel Rey said...

Come to Argentina please!!!

And never fire Annlouice please, she's absolutely unique *.*

You all together created this excellent and never seen before music!!!